Adult Online Dating: Why Pay When You Can Get it For Free? by Matt Mintun

Adult Online Dating: Why Pay When You Can Get it For Free?

 by: Matt Mintun

So you want to find a date. Perhaps even meet a woman or man for an intimate encounter. It's virtually impossible to make the proper connection in a bar or at a club. So you find yourself clicking your way through websites online. Welcome to the world of adult online dating.

But whether you're new to the adult side of the web or you're a seasoned visitor, you've probably asked yourself, "Why pay for a dating membership when I can surf sites like MySpace for free? I mean come on. You simply create a profile on the site to "find friends" and within minutes, you have twenty friend requests from drop dead gorgeous men and women.

Sounds like heaven doesn't it? If you need even more of a selection to choose from, you just have to type in an age, gender, sexual orientation, and a zip code and you are on your way to pages full of members. All for free!

But wait...what happens when you take a closer look at the men and women who appear to be interested in an intimate encounter? A particular woman may look promising at first. You find yourself looking at her provocative picture, imagining what she must be like in person and reveling at how photogenic she is. You click through her profile, getting excited and choosing "more pictures" to see just how beautiful she really is.

But lo and behold, there's only one picture. And tons of links to other websites promising more pictures of her in even more provocative clothing, if any. Whew! However, when you click one of the links and a porn website pops up requesting your credit card number, you realize the woman doesn't even exist.

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No date for you, my friend - unless you want to get friendly with your computer monitor.

When Free isn't Better

Unfortunately, the gorgeous, provocative women of MySpace are either professionals who aren't looking for dates and are sick of the hundreds of men messaging them on MySpace, or they're fake profiles created by webmasters from adult sites. These fake profiles are used to lure us to their porno websites hoping we'll take streaming video in lieu of a personal encounter.

And can we really blame them? It's a free advertising venue for them. But that doesn't change the fact that you're left empty handed. Or worse, you're not left empty handed...and that's not what you had planned for the evening.

You Get What You Pay For - If You Want an Intimate Encounter, Use an Adult Dating Website

If it's free, you're likely to come up with zilch. Nada. No go. Besides, a monthly membership at an adult dating website costs less than dinner and a movie for a single date. Wouldn't you rather skip the formalities? You can if you use a site where the people you're looking at are looking for no frills, get-to-the-point intimate encounters.

So instead of using Myspace and dealing with a webmaster scam or all the dating hoopla, pay a small fee and join a website that specializes in adult online dating. It is extremely easy to create a profile and you will be looking at hundreds of men and women who want nothing more than a randy evening with YOU.

Guarantee a Legitimate Encounter

Another great thing about using an adult dating website is that the singles on the site are legitimate. In fact many sites guarantee that there are no fraudulent profiles. So go ahead, take a few minutes and see how true adult dating beats the pants off of free sites like MySpace.

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This article was posted on September 07, 2006

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