10 Animated Shows for Adults

One of the first TV shows to utilize 3d animation, Roughnecks was an adaptation of the original novel, Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein, and the 1997 movie version. The series Angelina Valentine follows Alpha Squad as they journey across the stars with a united human military force combating a race of intergalactic bugs bent on mankind's extinction.

Overall there is only one aspect that the series doesn't hold up: the animation is a bit dated. However that's easily overlooked when the rest of the series excels so well in every other respect. Despite a long list of main characters each squad member and affiliate is well written and will have audiences routing for them. There's genuine character drama and arcs which are very well explored.

On the flip side, Roughnecks also features some of the most kickass action in a sci-fi show. Every episode guarantees at least one large scale battle involving unrelenting gunfire and earth shattering explosions all put to a great musical score. Plus a later episode has one of the best space battle sequences I've ever seen and I've seen a lot.

An unfortunate part of this show however, is that it was never finished. Roughnecks was cancelled because of dumb re-run decisions and shifting time slots which made it impossible for a consistent audience to be found. Although you can help by seeking out the "finish Roughnecks" fan petition to complete the series, because this show is worth it.

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