Coloring Pages for Adults

Jump Start Your Art - Creative Craft Ideas5 Nifty Projects With Printable Line Art or Coloring Pages

1. Start with a simple outline picture, then work with your favorite graphics editor to add color, patterns and textures.

2. Use a line drawing you like to make a temporary tattoo or design your personal body art.

3. Use unshaded drawings to create your own die cuts for card making or scrapbooking.

4. Project your favorite line drawing onto a wall, pencil it in, then paint a mural!

5. Make stencils and screen print designs from your favorite artworks.

6. Use adult coloring pages as a base sketch for your own paintings. Print onto watercolor paper or printable canvas and start adding your own color and shading.

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Sample coloring artwork poster copyright Lee Hansen

Where to Find Printable Adult Coloring Pages

Do you enjoy coloring pictures of mandalas, nature, maps, diagrams, fantasy, fairies or animals? Share your favorites and ideas for coloring book art and crafts here. Don't be shy, the world is filled with adult coloring book enthusiasts..

Visit or to view my original art printable posters and coloring pages for adults and teens. (There are plenty of things there for youngsters as well.).

You might also find interesting suggestions for printable Designs to Color at Coloring Fun for Everyone.

The Flamarrion public domain image is a beautiful, complex design you can make into a hand-colored personal work of art. Reproductions of this 1888 book illustration were popular in the 1970s as full color 36" x 36" art posters. Color in this gorgeous picture with markers or colored pencils. You can have images printed on canvas or paper in large sizes at many local print shops.

Download the redrawn Flamarrion image (by jfrancis at Flickr) or a scanned version of the public domain engraving print available at Wikimedia

Try these ideas for creative crafts you can make with coloring picture art and line drawings.

1. Use line simple drawings as templates for fabric crafts such as applique or embroidery. Here's an embroidery project created from a simple drawing. It's colored in with, yep, crayons.

2. Print out patterns to use as templates for paper crafts, including designs for cards or collages.

3. Make your own t-shirt or tote bag transfers from pictures you've enlarged and printed, then add color to the designs with fabric paints or heat-set crayons.

4. For a great party activity, print out several design sheets to assemble into a creative "wall of fame" project. Let guests color in the pictures (or embellish with paper, glitter and other materials) and add their signatures. This is fun for everyone and works great as a team-building event.

5. Use line drawings to make unique die cuts for scrapbooking and card making, or try some paper embroidery or cut paper crafts.

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