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Is NSFW content allowed on Tumblr?

Sure. You're welcome to post NSFW stuff, and other people are welcome to filter out NSFW stuff. It's a live-and-let-live kind of thing.

One caveat: We're not in the business of actually hosting sexually explicit videos, so don't upload them using our post form. You can, however, embed anything in a Tumblr post as long as it's lawful and follows our other guidelines.

What should I do if I don't want to see NSFW content?

For material on your dashboard, you should be judicious about who you choose to follow. If someone posts stuff you don't want to see, whether it's adult-oriented or not, don't follow them. If you don't want to see anything overtly super busty milf fucking sexual in your search results, just click the padlock in the upper-right corner. As long as it says "Hiding NSFW content," you're good. If a questionable post happens to sneak through, please do everyone a favor and flag it.

My blog contains NSFW content; what should I do?

If your blog contains nudity or adult-oriented content, please respect the choices of the people in our community and flag your blog as "NSFW" on your Settings page.

What happens to blogs that are flagged NSFW?

Logged-in users won't see those posts in their search results if they're hiding NSFW content.

Logged-out users won't see those posts in their search results, period.


I think my blog was flagged by mistake; who can I contact?

If you think your blog was inappropriately flagged (or if was appropriately flagged, but you have since removed the NSFW content), file a report with our Trust & Safety team with the following information:

The email address you used to register your account.

The URL of the blog you're asking about.

A detailed explanation of why you think the blog was mistakenly flagged or should be unflagged.

For more information on all this, please review our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

I think my video was blocked as NSFW by mistake; who can I contact?

If your video was removed for containing sexually explicit content and you think it shouldn't have been, you can file an appeal with our Trust & Safety team by filling out this form.

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