Q&A with the stars of Exxxotica Expo New Jersey 2011: Part 1 of 2

The largest adult event in America, this years East Coast edition of Exxxotica Expo in New Jersey was the biggest yet, shattering attendance records over the weekend. In this exclusive two-part interview, a handful of the hottest stars in the industry shared their thoughts on what drives them, their popularity overseas amid shifting morals, and the nature of reality TV when applied to their ever-changing business. This edition features Melina Mason, Charmane Star, Asa Akira, and Seymore Butts.

Melina Mason: "I cant get sex out of my head. So I feel like the most productive way to be a sex addict is to just turn it into a job, and so far every single dream Ive had in this industry has come true. I dont think anythings off limits to me."

Courtesy of Justin Tedaldi

Melina Mason

Youre new to the business. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved.

Im fairly new. I started off as a nude model, and then I started webcamming. I met a girl who does porn and I was like, Oh, I want to do porn, and then she introduced me to her agent, and he was interested in me. Ive been doing porn for seven months now.

What are your impressions of it so far? What things are different or exactly like you were hoping for or expecting when you started?

Its pretty much everything I wanted it to be. Im not nave; I dont think everyones looking out for me, you know? Im looking out for myself, making sure everyone Im working with is clean, and its really just about the experience, you know? Meeting new people and [expletive] new people, traveling and making money and [expletive]. Theres not one thing that I dont like about the industry. Im in love with it.

Who would you like to work with, talking about production companies?

Oh my God, I have a massive wish list. Top of my list is Digital Playground. Vivid, Girlfriends Films, Sweetheart Video, Pink Visual, Brazzers of course, Wicked, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Belladonna, Jennaration X StudiosI literally have a list that I put on my computer background, and I read it every day. I send out those vibes, like, Book me, book me.

You must know all 20,000 companies.

(Laughs) I study, though. I study porn; its like a job.

The pornologist.

Im a pornologist! Also a porn fan, too.

As a performer, what really turns you on? What do you like to do?

I would say what turns me on the most is someone who really wants to be there. Theres girls who are gay for pay, and then Im like, [expletive], now Ive really gotta work. It doesnt turn me on when someone doesnt want to [expletive] me. But the best thing is working with people who are fun, who are sober, who are not infested with STDs and are [expletive] sexy. I wanna [expletive] sexy women for the rest of my life, and porn has helped me to do that.

You live around here. Where do you usually shoot?

I just made a trip out to Miami; I stayed there for a couple of days and shot eight scenes in five days. Then I came home to New York, I shot a little bit in New York and New Jersey, and then Im going out to L.A. next week for a week, so hopefully it will work out with some companies out there. I get around.

Is this your first convention?

No, when I was a Suicide Girl I used to go to the tattoo conventions and comic book conventions and I used to sell my own merchandise there, too. But this is the first time Im representing myself as a performer rather than representing another company. So its cool; I like it. I like the attention (laughs).

Why did you choose this as a calling in life?

Ive always felt like a sexual person; Ive been having sex since I was six. Ive just always known how to [expletive], Ive always wanted to [expletive], and I cant get sex out of my head. So I feel like the most productive way to be a sex addict is to just turn it into a job. And plus, cameras turn me on, so just adding the extra element of cameras is just like, Oh, [expletive], Im going to [achieve satisfaction] even harder now.

As far as your personal life, what kind of things do you want out of a guy?

Im really into Spanish guys; love me a Latino. Tattoos are cool. I like dark skin, dark hair, big [expletive]. And no lie, I believe in courtship, and a gentleman will always be at the top of my list, unlike some guy who thinks hes going to get a [particular sex act] in an alley. Like, take me out to dinner, and if youre gonna [expletive] me, take me to a nice-ass hotel, because thats what happens. You will [expletive] me, but only if were at the Ritz-Carlton (laughs).

What are your thoughts about possibly dating a guy in the industry as you continue to grow as a performer?

I dont think Ill ever date male talent; Im not interested in that. I actually find the easiest balance is to date people who are completely unknown to the industry, people with their own lives. It keeps me really in touch with reality. I dont ever want to be consumed entirely with the world of porn, you know? I want to have that guy who does his nine to five, comes home, ask him how his day was, fill out those TPS reports, and then I want to cook dinner for him. I want a real life and a porn life, and I like to keep those things separate.

Finally, describe the ultimate porn film for you, one that you would make.

Okay, I want [female ejaculators], I want authority figures, I want teachers and students, I want cops, I want bondage, I want a real plot, I want real actors, I want a big budget, I want CGI special effects. I want to do the biggest thing thats everI want to top Pirates [released in 2005 as the most expensive adult film made to date].

Melina Mason wants to top Pirates. You heard it here first.

(Laughs) I dont know if Ill ever do it, but its a dream, and so far every single dream Ive had in this industry has come true in such a short amount of time. I dont think anythings off limits to me.

Charmane Star

Pleasure to see you, Charmane, youre looking as great as ever.

Oh, thank you, Justin.

What year did you start in the business?

I started in 2000. I did my first layout for Hustler and for Club magazine. I started shooting magazines for the first six months, and then worked with girls for the first time, and then I started doing movies, doing boy/girl, and Ive been doing it for almost 10 years now.

What have been some of your most memorable scenes?

I have a list of guys that I work with, so I dont really remember the scenes, but I remember working with them. Like Randy Spears, hes amazing to work with. Sascha, hes good to work with. So a lot of the times when they book me with them for Adam & Eve or for Penthouse, its a pleasure to work with them. We have good chemistry and theyre very professional people. Every time I work with them, I can [achieve satisfaction] whenever I want (laugh), and thats one of my favorite things about the industry.

Are you still doing boy/girl scenes?

Im currently not doing boy/girl; its been almost five years now. The reason why is because I have a lot of different opportunities right now. Im working on my site and the live show, and Im trying to get my website together. Everythings just kind of changed and the industrys changed in the last couple of years, so Im kind of changing as well with it. Im also working on my new clothing line, just doing stuff other than just shooting. I can shoot, and I am shooting like maybe four times a year. And I shoot one movie, my own movie, once a year, so I have a new movie coming out next year, my virtual DVD. It was actually supposed to be due now, but we want to add more elaborate scenes, so itll be released next year.

Now that we have Blu-ray as the standard, appearance for the camera is more important than ever. How does that affect you as a performer?

I dont think its affected me ever in the last 10 years. I dont know; I have pretty good skin. I dont use too much make-up. If I do, Ill just wear a bunch of lashes or eye shadow or whatever it is. My hair is fine; I never really have a problem changing my features. Ive always been the same, very natural. Im all natural, baby.

Id love to know the story behind your ink.

My circle on my arm. Its a circle, but inside the circle, theres little tiny bull heads that go in a circle, like a little circle of horns, but the ink has spread it. But if you look closely, its a circle of horns, and theres little bull heads that go in a circle, and theres a little pattern that borders around it to shape a circle. Thats what it is; its just like a zodiac symbol, blah, blah, blah.

And youve got the one on your finger.

Ive had this for a while. I had three other old friends from the industry, Gina Ryder and Shay SweetIm going back in the day if you guys know who they are. We all got the same tattoo years ago, and its actually the pattern of an Irish wedding band. Its just a best friendship situation, but were not friends anymore. Its okay; people grow up. (With mock anger) Those bitches! Im just kidding (laughs).

Im curious about your popularity in the Philippines, because youre Filipina. Tell us about your popularity overseas in other countries. Have you made any appearances there?

You know what, I havent made any type of appearance abroad in Asia or the Philippines yet. I am planning on doing that, but the Philippines is a country where Ive really got tofor me, I thought if I go there, Im just a little too much for them, but I think Ive become a little bit more mainstream to the point where theyre more liberal a little bit of accepting me, so I think Im okay to do that and make an appearance. Im very grateful for that. Im glad that theyre noticing me better and actually giving me positive feedback, because years ago it wasnt like that. But now after 10 years theyre like, Okay, shes cool. (laughs)

What are you most proud of when you look back on your time in the industry?

I think I appreciate me being professional and punctual, and I work hard. I mean, thats my favorite thing about me being in this industry; Ive learned a Asa Akira lot, but the best is the people in it. My friendseven the camera crew, the directors and those peopleI love going to set and just seeing them. The scene itself is like half an hour to 45 minutes, but for the rest of the day its always nice to spend time with them.

Asa Akira

Regarding the future, what other projects do you want to tackle?

I think somewhere down the line Id like to [expletive] a tranny. It sounds weird, but

Have fun with that.

(Laughs) Its all I can think about lately! (laughs)

Do you find that thats how you are as a performer? Like every time you climb some mountain or do something that youve never done before, you just want to

Absolutely, its just never enough. Im always like, Okay, now I did [a particular sex act]. I want to do this now, and I want to this now, and I hope it never ends. I always joke that eventually its going to be like, Okay, my first snuff film. (laughs)

What can the U.S. learn from Japanese porn?

Japan takes rape to the extreme, and I think America is so prud[ish] about that. Like, obviously, rape is bad, but its a big fantasy and I think Japan has that market cornered. Like, our rape porn doesnt look like rape. Their rape porn looks like rape (laughs). But I mean, its a fantasy. Americas weird like that.

I hope that a lot of the ladies who do this dont have recurring nightmares. They know what theyre doing, but those tears look real.


They dont take it the same way that someone like you or an American performer might. Theres a lot more subservience.

Right, right. But I think thats kind of how Japanese girls [expletive], too. I think that theyre aware that thats what turns their men on. I dont know; I like to think that theyre enjoying it, but maybe Im just living in a bubble.

Its something that youre interested in.

Right (laughs). I mean, like, come on (sarcastically), everybody likes rape (laughs).

Seymore Butts

Tell us about your book, Rock Her World.

Its subtitled The Sex Guide for the Modern Man, and thats what it basically is, a sex guide. Everything a man wants or needs to know about women is in that 300-page book. Trust me, I wrote it, I know.

What does the adult industry mean to you as a performance art?

Im sure that there is some hardcore performance art thats done. As a matter of fact, I just heard something about a woman giving birth at a museum that was a performance art pieceat least thats what she called it; she just did it live right there. But you know, I think that anything thats extreme and kind of shocking makes for great performance art.

On your TV show Family Business, what did you learn in terms of reality TV and how it impacted your own life?

I learned that TV is an extremely powerful medium. I also learned that my idea of compelling television and the TV shows producers idea of compelling television were probably two completely different things, you know?

If you had had carte blanche on the show, how would you have done things differently?

I would have spent more money on the budget and paid the actors more. Thats what I would have done.

Do you still keep in touch with your assistant on the show? How about your video editor Bishop?

We run into Bishop every now and then; hes doing his own thing now. And Mari Possa, my assistant, has now become my fiance and weve been actually living together for almost 10 years now.


Thank you.

What else can we look forward to from you?

Actually, I just announced the beginning of a new book that Ive started called How to Survive a Reality Show. I wrote it because I want people to really understand what theyre getting involved in. It seems to me like there are still a lot of mistakes being made by people, and I guess the tragedy with the suicide regarding the Beverly Hills housewifes husband, Russell Armstrong, was really the straw that broke the camels back for me in a sense, and was what made me want to unearth the manuscript and get back to work on that.

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