How come chiropractors are not considered doctors? When they use all natural ways to help with your pain?

Wow...what a can of worms you have opened up here.

I am a chiropractor. I have been through all of the training dictated by the NBCE (Nation Board of Chiropractic Education). This organization receives its authority from the US dept of education. As such the criteria have been established through the United States government to bestow upon an individual the designation of Doctor of Chiropractic, that has successfully competed all of the requirements established by the NBCE and USDoE.

The classroom training of the chiropractic physician consists of:

Anatomy 520 hours

Physiology 420 hours

Pathology 205 hours

Chemistry 300 hours

Microbiology 130 hours

Diagnosis 420 hours

Neurology 320 hours (compared to the MD who has 112 hours)

Orthopedics 225 hours

Psychology 65 hours

OBGYN 65 hours

Radiology 217 hours

In addition most DC's supplement their education with physiotherapy modalities consisting of an additional 120 hours of training.

In addition there are 4 national exams administered by the NBCE that ever DC must pass and each state requires additional testing in law or additional subject matter to be state licensed.

Some of our resident skeptics have tried to dilute the waters with topics that have no bearing on the question. Just because someone can write a script for medication does not make them a doctor. A PhD is a doctor, he/she cannot write a script. A psychologist is a doctor but dont write scripts, they are still doctors. The philosophy of chiropractic has NOTHING to do with the title doctor bestowed upon someone who has completed the education requirements of that field.

Not so long ago, the AMA was beginning to seek legislation to reserve the term doctor to Mds only and it blew up in their faces. Every PhD, dentist, psychologist told them to go fish! Most of their research is done by and with PhD's.

Daisy indicated that DCs in New Mexico tried to get script privileges...its not their first time and it wont be their last. They have been trying to do this for a long time. Every time it get shot down. Also in New Mexico, psychologist have been trying to get script rights, and they keep failing. Just because an offshoot of a field tries to do something that does not mean they represent the entire profession. There are groups of MD's who call for the end of vaccinations! Does that mean all MD's want to stop vaccines? According to Daisy's logic this must be true...lets stop vaccinating because a liberal group of MDs tell us to! In addition the events in New Mexico were halted, in part, due to the overwhelming uproar it caused in the chiropractic community. The two largest chiropractic organizations refuted and contested the passing of laws that gives DC's the right to prescribe in New Mexico. Daisy, you have no idea what you are talking about. You make statements and observations with partial information and use the internet as a reference. You are not a chiropractor, not have you any involvement with the day to day activities of the profession. Just because I go to the bank and write checks that does not make me a banker or a financial planner. I know you have had a bad experience with a chiro, but that does not make the rest of the profession bad by proxy. MD's make mistakes and hurt and kill people. That does not criminalize the entire practice of medicine, but denotes a bad set of circumstances or bad decision making by a person. People make mistakes, blame them.

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