TOTO Supreme Toilet Review – Powerful Flushing System

It comes in anti slid design that will prevents it through slipping as extended as you're sitting there.

Low water consumption of just 1.6Gpf compare with almost all the classic 7 Gpf, this will surely cut off your own h2o bill

Stop the clogging issue now with TOTO Supreme. Certainly Not merely a effective flushing toilet but, comes along with an elegant appear in the low profile design. Most your preferences are supplied via tank cover, fittings, chrome plated trip lever and also SoftClose seat with regard to a perfect toilet.

TOTO Supreme will be verified being among your greatest toilets you are generally able to have, earns an ideal 5 star inside Amazon clients review. power Gravity siphon jet flushing system that get rids regarding waste in the single flush, what moves down stays down

Especially contoured design seat using anti skid pad pertaining to more at ease sitting

If you're consistently getting issues with clogged toilet yet still utilizing these previous 7 gallons per plush of wasted water, it's period regarding you to find out about your TOTO MS864114-01 Supreme. This particular is excellent if you have youngsters in home. An oversized flush valve has got the advantage which delivers the potent flush plus an oversize trapway design regarding larger water surface, in order to create a total clogged free toilet.

The TOTO supreme can become a 1 piece toilet together with low profile design in which comes inside a extremely elegant look. TOTO can be globe renowned toilet maker; rest assured that you got your finest quality product.

This consists of your SoftClose seat which is excellently style that totally removes these annoying slam sounds; this additionally decreases accidental injuries for any safer environment. This is particularly molded design that will perfectly contours your entire body for maximum comfort. It's easy to install, everything you'll need is the here, what otherwise can we inquire for your best toilet?

SoftClose seat is protected that completely eliminates those slam sounds along with decreases the accidental injuries, this is fantastic if you've kids with home


The TOTO supreme can be an straightforward task to install. This particular toilet delivers a higher water efficient that will does it inside a single flush to obvious up these wastes. This will greatly save you water, in comparison with all the conventional 7 Gpf.. The Particular seat along with lid will be built along with specially style hinge system that slows down as it lowers on the bowl seat. Regardless of associated with its flushing power, it consumes relatively low water for a extremely effective toilet, it will get completed in the single flush that may surely cuts the water bill. Best tightening mounting bolts are provided to ensure a simple installation.

Key Features

This toilet can be bundled using the SoftClose seat which may be produced of very durable polypropylene materials that ensures its toughness. after cellular phone you can now enjoy any clogged totally free toilet and less drinking water consumption which is very eco friendly.

The fascinating part of this toilet is that, even even though it is quite powerful surprisingly, its flushing action is quiet. Just About All associated with these are carried out inside just small as 1.6 Gpf (gallon for each flush) or even equivalent to six Lpf (liter per flush) associated with water. Obtainable inside 4 different colors to select through fundamental essentials colonial white, bone, cotton white along with Sedona beige which will surely satisfy your bathroom.

The supreme is a power gravity toilet having a siphon jet flushing action. This posseses an oversized 3-inch flush valve which can easily be larger compared to the conventional 2-inch valve. An an simple process to comply with instruction manual is protected that may guide you via cellular phone process. This carries a wider 2-1/8 inch personal computer designed totally glazed trapway which greatly contributes to its potent flushing system.

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Elegant appear in a lower profile one piece toilet

Quiet flushing system that really does not disturb anyone sleeping at night

An oversized 3-inch flush valve that is larger than the conventional 2-inch valve as well as 2-1/8 inch personal computer designed fully glazed trapway that secures any clogged totally free toilet

The TOTO's higher standard top quality can be dedicated in order to customers regarding ease regarding usage too as simplicity of installation

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