Runescape 99 Woodcutting Guide

It will never occur again. I understand that they are very pricey, and throughout almost all likelihood more than you really can afford if a person are looking over this guide, however it is worth it. It's absolutely essential, since it provides the higher acquisition price when compared with anything you've seen therefore far.


Willow Logs (Levels 30 - 45/60)

Here you have to gauge your current priorities. Within spite involving the big crowds at peak hours, this truly will always be the greatest along with easiest place to train at. (I lost many any hatchet compared for you to that nonsense.)

Oak Logs (Levels 15 - 30)

Even however you're now in your third tier involving timber-felling mastery, simply no spot change is yet necessary. (It is certainly not likely which you will be in a new situation to offer these about the GE for any reasonable price. However, the financial institution trips are generally horrendously long, so I recommend remaining far from these.

Relish your rapid pace in which in turn a person acquire ranges here. Seriously. Off to the west with the west bank, you could find 3 yew trees near every other. Sadly, there may also be TONS associated with people. If you are generally planning about powering for you to degree 99 woodcutting as fast while you can, without any regard provided in order to profits, anyone might as well stay here till 99. In case you're the member, go for the tree gnome fortress north regarding Ardougne. they have a 20% quicker chop price compared to the rune hatchet, that pays large dividends over time and money by the time a person reach 99.

Magic logs usually are generally not worth training on. The idea should go without having saying, acquire a new rune 1 in degree 41 woodcutting. That won't take a lot to obtain through level anyone to fifteen, and I recommend chopping down normal trees just towards the east associated with Draynor Village's bank. If you're making use of Woodcutting as a possible AFK-training skill, anyone should possibly switch to yews in level 60. Absolutely Nothing will be less enthralling compared to clicking upon trees for two hundred hours to reach 99 woodcutting, and even when you receive there, it seems to become one of one with the most common skill capes around. Coming From 60 - 75, yews are generally painfully slow, but are superb AFK-training, now that Jagex offers removed the particular Ent random event. Expertise comes quickly, but willow logs can't be AFK-trained. When you're keen on optimizing your current moneymaking using this skill, keep reducing down willows until level 75. Upon the other hand, in case you are a free associated with charge associated with charge gamer, visit edgeville. (I do NOT recommend this, as willows are only slightly quicker than yews inside relation to experience, as well as will probably never allow an individual to any kind of cash with all.)

Once you reach level 61, if you are intent on woodcutting, and also in case a person are a member, spend in the dragon hatchet. Seers Village has grow to always be able to be the very best place to chop these if an individual are so inclined; they're everywhere.

A couple of phrases about Magic and also Eucalyptus Logs

If you're a new nonmember, stay here till level 60. the trip duration is very short, and you can easily bank the particular logs with Draynor for use either in fletching or firemaking later. Regardless of the crowded naturel of this area, however, these willow logs give an individual the best raw encounter / hour within the game. Willows are usually nonetheless much better experience over time. I do it, it's not in which bad. When you're within your 90s, they create regarding slightly higher gain / time than yew logs, and so are marginally much more AFKable. In case you go anywhere else, you're just harming oneself by accepting hideously extended bank trips.. That Will said, it is important in order to understand the mere procedure for reaching 99 woodcutting can easily net tens of millions within earnings via logs alone, not to mention bird's nests in case a person are a nonmember.

Maple Logs (Levels 45 - 60, members only)

Don't make use of them.

By now, you've probably noticed which there tend to be several oak logs east with the Draynor bank mixed throughout using the regular ones. stay here until 99 woodcutting. last I checked, industry has been flooded using this stuff.

Let's deal with it: Woodcutting is probably among probably your most boring skills inside Runescape. You'll discover that for the south involving Draynor bank, through the shore, there are TONS associated with willow trees. There is not necessarily any advantage for you to waiting until degree 20 to end up being able to chop these down, since level 1 logs tend to be worthless, as well as the failure price regarding oak logs isn't high from degree 15 anyway. The Particular trees fall also quickly, and the bank trips are generally as well frequent to usefully AFK.

Starting out (Levels one - 15)

I have not necessarily done extensive study together with respect in order to Eucalyptus logs, even though a buddy regarding mine claimed which he got comparable monetary returns from chopping eucs, also as with regards to 12% much more expertise for each hour.

Yew Logs (Levels 60/75 - 99)

After reviewing the various yew tree locations on the planet map, I've narrowed this list down to 2 very best chopping locations. Bronze was fine regarding typical as well as oak logs, where there was small competition, yet now you're locked inside bloodless combat with additional folks over possession of Draynor's willow logs, plus a bronze axe is absolutely certainly not likely to cut it. Chop these poor boys down until anyone hit degree 30.

One factor to notice is the real fact that at degree 31, it's finally really worth the time to suit your current needs to buy an improved hatchet. A Person may go chop these down in the wedding you acquire tired of the crowds at Draynor

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