Microsoft: Xbox One is #1 in the US for December with 908,000 consoles sold

Per Joystiq, Sony's response for the information is the really fact that the PS4 remains "cumulative leader pertaining to next-gen sales" since its launch November 15th, weekly ahead of your Xbox One.. Your NPD's launch features much more details about software, where GTA V took the actual crown overall with regard to 2013, in front of call of Duty Ghosts, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4. Which navigate in order to this site puts it third overall on the hardware checklist (presumably at the rear of the actual PS4) and very first for its generation regarding hardware.

Microsoft: Xbox one can be #1 within the US regarding December together with 908,000 consoles sold

Microsoft as well as Sony currently went visit head using worldwide revenue numbers with regard to 2013 and also even even though the PS4 rode substantial there (4.2 million for you to 3 million), the Xbox one apparently offered probably the actual most systems in the US final month. December figures in the NPD group arrived today, as well as Microsoft will be touting 908,000 revenue for your XB1 which input it atop just about all videogame systems, along with 643,000 for that Xbox 360. NPD: Xbox one and also Xbox 360 Console had been the very best selling consoles regarding every generation inside the US within December. 908k (Xbox One) along with 643k (Xbox 360)

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Nintendo hasn't launched specific data yet, but the 3DS had been the actual go to website highest selling console general regarding 2013, along with Liam Callahan with the NPD stated the actual Wii U enjoyed its "highest month pertaining to unit sales" in December

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