Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba & Tom Hiddleston for ‘Thor 2′: who would you rather?

Photos courtesy associated with Fame/Flynet along with WENN.


By the particular way, when Chris has been (begrudgingly) performing press this week for The Actual dark Loki, he ended up being inquired concerning a lot more Thor sequels and Avengers sequels, and the actual man admitted one thing interesting: "I've got 3 left in my contract - came coming from here on, I have got a pair of a lot more Avengers and one more Thor and when people desired to notice more, I'd always be happy to aid keep going. I adore these stories and also I enjoy this character. The Particular chance has opened up every small thing with regard to me."Oh, I get it.THIS is the explanation why Chris is indeed grumpy concerning advertising Thor 2.It"s because he"s nevertheless kind of pissed he has 3 a lot more movies left on his contract.I bet he can"t renegotiate his paycheck.Huh" I wonder if Tom features further movies left on his contract too?

And that"s the means we got these photos associated with last night"s London premiere involving Thor 2: the dark Loki.Chris got to wear your velvet last night and Tommy had to go without.*muffled sob*To always be fair to become able to Tommy, I think his tuxedo is a new lot snazzier as compared to Chris"s dated-looking suit.But I can feel free adult sex tubes Tommy"s velvet angst pertaining to here.Let it go, Tommy.Other men get for you to don velvet too.
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And of course, I"m such as pictures of Idris Elba (who didn"t consider off his sunglasses from night, because despite the fact that he"s hot, he"s furthermore any mess) as well as Christopher Eccleston, who plays the bad guy inside Thor.Christopher is kind of dirty/grumpy hot, right?


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Tommy Hiddleston referred in order to as up his BFF Chrissy Hemsworth final night."Hey, Chrissy, what are a person currently gonna use tonight"? Hiddles asked."Velvet, girl.I"m gonna don velvet," Chrissy told his BFF, so proud of the burgundy vesty free adult tube that will his wife picked out.Tommy began to cry.Chrissy could hear the muffled sobs."What"s wrong, child doll"? he requested Hiddles."I" I" I usually put on velvet!If we both don velvet, then people will say we"re twinsies!" Tommy cried."It"s okay, sweetheart," Chrissy informed him."We"ll figure it out."


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