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This is gonna be HUGGGEEEE! Just like the naturel busty webcams rest of America, we here at Pornhub are kind of obsessed with Trump. Love him or hate him , he's all anyone is talking about these days so we decided it was crucial to our site that we had his sex tape. Well unfortunately (or fortunately) he does not have one. So, we took it upon ourselves to team up with our friends over at BaDoinkVR and make one. Here lies your first look at the Donald Trump porn parody "Fuck Trump". If this wasn't enough it is also in VR...So you get to experience what it's like to be "The Donald". Be sure to check out the full length scene on Premium!

See him discuss the leaked tape below

Heres the exclusive VR clip

Let's get Up-Close and Personal!

To celebrate our love of Amateur content, we want to showcase a sub-genre of porn that originated from Amateur content!

Handheld cameras and cellphones helped grow POV porn to where it is now.

And with the launch of VR content, POV is the porn of the future!

So be it JOI, an eye locked blowjob, sexy cowgirl action, grab your camera and enter our POV Contest!

How to Enter

Upload your sexiest POV "Point of View" videos for a chance to win an amazing VR camera. Runners up will receive an HD camera.

- Videos must be in the POV category and have the tag POV2016 in order to be eligible

- Previously uploaded videos are not eligible for the contest

- You can enter the contest multiple times

Terms and Conditions

Contest open to all Verified members (solos, couples or more).

Not a Verified amateur yet? join our Amateur Payment Program & make $$

Selection and tracking for the contest will be based on the use of the POV2016 tag.

Contest closes on the 15th of July 2016 at midnight EST.


1st Place - Samsung Gear 360° ~ $1000

2nd Place - Camera- Canon - VIXIA HF R70 HD Camcorder ~ $500

3rd Place - Camera - Sony HDRCX405BKIT Full HD 60p Camcorder Bundle ~ $250

Good luck to everyone!!!

***Our winners of the Masturbation 2016 contest will be announced on FRIDAY!!***


Want to all see the hot #POV2016 Video contest entries? Click the button below to see our playlist. Be sure to click "like" and comment on your favorite videos! New videos will be added every day, so check back often!

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Hey guys! Our friends in the awesome NY band Tiger Love have brought us this incredible and very NSFW video for their new track Space in Space. It features a model babe enacting her hottest fantasies and is essentially masturbating the entire time. Not only is it sexy AF but its also very beautiful. Check out our exclusive interview with Gigi from Tiger Love and the video in all it's artsy sexy glory, now streaming on Pornhub.

It's no secret that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious health issues. It doesn't help that we, as a product, have millions upon millions of the hottest porn videos available for people to enjoy in front of a computer screen for what can be hours at a time. In order to help fight this major issue we have created an epic interactive game that will not only get you fit, it will get you fit as fuck (this is a pun, please continue reading to further understand said pun). Bangfit is an awesome new game designed to help you lvl up your sex life by following along to one the sexercise programs on the site. All you need to do is follow the easy instructions on the site to sync your phone with the game on your desktop browser and attach it to your special bangfit belt, or any other kind of DIY strap really. Like you could tuck it into your strap-on if you're feeling festive! All you need to do is coordinate your moves to the moves of the sexy people going at it on the screen. Think of it as DDR's horny sister! Sure you're not pumping iron, but you're sure as hell pumping something. So why not get active in the Pornhub way!

In honor of everyone's favorite part of Tuesday, Titty, we have released a wonderful video given to us by our friends at This Girl Sucks. Sure it's a video about a blow job featuring Karlee Grey, BUT she has tits so it's really an all around winner. Enjoy and happy Titty Tuesday to you and your family.

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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Windows XP

The Internet can be a wonderful learning tool and a window into the world for children. On the flip side, it can be a parent's worst nightmare. The Web does not differentiate between young and old, and what is right and wrong to see. Unlike a TV, adult content and violence is not shown during specific times and on certain channels. Warnings and disclaimers do hint of trouble ahead. But warnings can be ignored. As a parent, adult content sites and abuse sites, advertising drinks and drugs are definitely not part of your child's learning experience. The answer to this problem are parental controls, features and options to block or prevent dangerous content online. In this article, learn how to set up parental controls on Windows XP operating system.

Setting Up Parental Controls on Windows XP

The issue with Windows XP is that it has no actual parental control features. Windows 7 and Vista are both equipped with a very secure parental control feature and management center, built into their respective OSs. But XP has no such features on the whole. However, some programs of XP have an optional parental safety feature. You can also opt for parental control software, which are programs designed specifically for monitoring and blocking unsafe content. First a look at which Windows XP programs can be customized for child safe browsing.

Internet Explorer

The default browser in XP is Internet Explorer. Using the Content Advisor feature, you block and allow various sites, based on their ratings. For example, you can decide that alcohol use is meant to be depicted, only in a mild context. But no instances of drug use should be allowed. Steps on how to use parental controls on Windows XP with content advisor.

? In the IE menu bar, click on Tools, then select Internet Options.

? Select the Content tab. The first pane is Content Advisor. Click on Enable.

? A new window opens up. In the small window, a list of categories are mentioned. Click on a category to highlight it, and use the slider to change what level of viewing is allowed. If you change a level, click on Apply, before moving on to the next category.

? From the tabs at the top of the window, click on Approved Sites. Here type the URL of a site, and click Allow, to make it viewable or Never to block it. This feature allows you to directly add which sites should be allowed and which should never be allowed.

? The General tab has 2 user options. The "users can see websites that have no rating" can be checked, based on your preference. This option allows unrated websites to be viewed, which is necessary, as some websites are not rated and are child viewership safe.

? The Supervisor Password is a rather important option. If you have learned how to use the Content Advisor feature, assume your kids will definitely know about it and will undo all your changes. To prevent such counter measures, set a password. That way, only those who know the password, can make any changes in the Content Advisor. Also if anyone tries to access a blocked site, they will be asked for the password.

Keep in mind, that the Content Advisor is only present on Internet Explorer. Other browsers have their own security mechanisms but most are not so specific. To make sure your kids use only IE, with your security mechanisms in place, uninstall any other browsers on your PC.

Windows Live

A free parental control software, as part of the Windows Live software applications is Windows Live Family Safety. Though this software is originally designed for Windows 7 and Vista, Windows XP has an older version. This free software add-on has the following features:

? Filter websites and pages, with SafeSearch option enabled in search engines.

? With the activity log feature, you can view which websites your child viewed and tried to visit, and when.

? It allows you to supervise and manage your child's contact's lists in Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail. So you can monitor and decide, who your child chats with and sends emails to.

The software is free for download from the official Microsoft site and has an easy user interface for management. But it needs to be installed on each computer your child uses, for the filtering to take place. Also make sure you are downloading the Windows XP version, as it is operating system specific. It will not work on any non Windows machine.

Limited User Account

User accounts in XP, allow for personalized settings and a sense of security as only the account holder can access the account settings and data. For a sense of total child safety, a smart idea to restrict what he/she can do on the machine itself. For instance, suppose your kid installs unsafe software and adult-related add-ons. What if the computer won't allow any installation at all? This is possible using a limited user account. No new programs can be installed. Only what was originally installed by the administrator exists and can be used. Plus he/she cannot change the account type or details. This sort of user account restricts or limits what activities can be done on the computer. An ideal parental control for very tech-savvy kids.

Setting Up Parental Control Software on Windows XP

The limited filtering abilities in Windows XP can be frustrating, especially if you hate fiddling with your PC's settings. There are different settings to be changed on different programs, and if you uninstall anything, the whole setting up process has to be repeated. For a one-stop solution on how to set up parental controls on Windows XP, check out external filtering software. It's just like using an anti-virus tool. You can purchase software or download freeware, install it on your computer and let the program do the managing for you. Such software specializes in blocking adult content and is smart enough to "learn" what's prohibited and what's not. The more the features, the better, especially with paid software, so choose smartly.

Website filtering is a must, look for email, chat and social networking sites filtering. Usability of such a program is another key factor. It's no use buying a software, if it's difficult to use. Level of restriction should be adjustable, like stricter settings for older kids. Do not choose software that is browser dependent. Your kid will simply download another browser to use, bypassing your entire security program. Also check for browser compatibility. Here are some highly-rated parental control software:

Net Nanny


K9 Web Protection

CyberPatrol Parental Controls

Safe Eyes

Any parent can keep an eye on his/her child's activities at school and at home. So why should the Internet be an exception? You can meet your child's friends and peers socially, and decide whether they are good company or not. This cannot be done with chat contacts and friends on Facebook or Twitter. Hopefully the above steps have made setting up web filtering and blocking, a little easier for you on your XP machine.






Hidden Security Cameras-cheating Employee Caught On Camera


Jack Krohn

There are several uses for hidden cameras. The most popular uses are for home security, as a nanny camera, business security, and to catch a cheating spouse. Of those uses of a hidden camera, business security, catching a cheating employee, is the most effective use. The reason is it happens so often and most employees are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Anyone who owns a business knows the constant threat of your employees stealing from you. Nearly 70 percent of all business losses are attributed to employee theft and customer theft. Using hidden camera is the best way to put an end to it.

A spy camera is nothing more than a board camera hidden inside a common everyday device that folks are used to seeing around an office or home setting. That object is usually a working object to keep the deception going.

There are several kinds of hidden cameras. The latest are cameras with a DVR built-in. The images are recorded on an SD card for easy recording and playback. To play back the video just remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into the SD card reader of your computer. Can you do that?

I spent nearly thirty years in the food business and now over four years as a distributor of hidden security cameras and they are without a doubt the best way to catch a cheating employee-caught on camera. The evidence if it comes to a trial is irrefutable. If not is pretty hard for an employee to explain why his hand was in the cookie jar.

So beef up your bottom line and catch a cheating employee on camera and add profits immediately.

When are you getting one?

The uses for a covert hidden camera are endless. There are home, office and business applications. Undercover law enforcers and government agencies have been using them for years but now they are priced so low that anyone can get one. And easy to use? You bet.

A covert hidden spy camera can be an even better deterrent than a burglar alarm or a security guard. A camera can be used to identify the bad guys catching them red handed indoors or outdoors.

Can you use a spy hidden camera for home, office or business? You actually can't afford to not have one! Find out what is going on when you are not there at home, your business or office from anywhere in the world.

Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in some way or you consider yourself at risk. Take the next step and do something to protect yourself! Your life, home security and safety is worth far more than the cost of a hidden camera.

About the Author:

Get a FREE 25 page e Book on 'Making Your Home Secure.'

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Alarm Clock DVR Hidden Camera

DVR Hidden Cameras

Hidden Cameras

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Top 10 Sexiest Female Politicians in the World

Now these girls are worth voting for...

We often think of politicians as boring - "where ugly people go to become celebrities" as one commentator put it.  However an increasing trend is seeing more attractive women entering the political scene and some of them carry significant controversy with them.  Here are some of the acknowledged sexiest female political figures from around the world. 

#10 is former Alaska Governor, past Vice presidential Candidate and current ... well it's unclear what she does other than "be Sarah Palin".  

Palin has become a sort of right-wing sex symbol/small town soccer mom gone big.  She can handle a gun, handle a crowd and almost handle her family.  

A former beauty queen, Sarah may be the most photoshopped Governor in history.  Some see Palin as the ultimate soccor mom MILF.  

Hustler even created a parody porno[2] staring a Palin look alike who copied her speach and mannerisms.  


#9 is the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.  Born in 1953 she still looks fantastic at 59. In 2008, she was ranked by the magazine Forbes as thirteenth in the list of the 100 most powerful women in the world, being the second female head of government in the list below German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2009 Cristina rose to eleventh, but in 2010 she fell to sixty-eighth. In 2010, she was ranked by the magazine Time as second in the list of the Top 10 Female Leaders of the World.        Her unorthodox  economic policies are widely supported by an adoring public that reelected her with 54.1% of the vote.  A serious fashion icon, Cristina is always seen in heels and rarely wears the same outfit twice.  She may not be the fastest dresser though because she has keep world leaders waiting while she gets the look just right. Since her former President husband died she only wears black, but observers have counted over 200 different black outfits.   Here we see her hugging Obama, the lucky guy! 

#8 is Sitrida Geagea from Lebanion.  She married the leader of the right wing Lebanese Forces (LF) political party and when he was imprisoned she took over as leader of the banned party.  

Geagea is from a wealthy, prominent Lebanese family and gets a lot of coverage in the Lebanese press. [4]

Web savvy Sitrida has a very active Facebook presence with over 26,000 followers[3] and "Sitrida Geagea feet" is a popular Google search.    Why the interest in her feet... hard to say. Must be a Middle Eastern male kink thing.

#7 sexiest politician status goes to Alina Kabaeva of the Russian Federation, who is jaw dropping gorgeous and flexible as hell.  Now the most flexible member of the State Duma (Parliament), Alina is Russia's most successful gymnast ever with 18 World championship medals, 25 European Championship medals and 2 Olympic Medals 

to her credit 

before she retired from competition.

Persistent rumors have her romantically linked to Putin, but both deny a relationship.  It makes for a good sex and politics story though.

For some strange reason, there are thousands of photos of Alina Kabaeva out on the internet.   

As the saying goes "guys want to do her and girls want to be her."  Alina Kabaeva is not shy about using her raw sex appel either, posing for racy magazine photos in fur and not much else like the one to the left.  

Regardless of how she dresses, Alina is a Russian Doll.

She has an interesting personal webpage in English if you want to get inside her head and not just gawk at her photos.[5]

#6 on the list:  Starting as a reporter who created a scandal by exposing lesbians via secretly taken photos of them in Taiwan clubs, Chu Mei Feng found herself on the other end of unwanted publicity in 2001 when a friend started selling a secretly recorded explicit tape of Chu and her married lover.  Being caught in compromising positions cost her an elected Taipei City Council position and great distress.  Ultimately the scandal caused her to flee the country for greener pastures.  There are more photos out there of Chu but we picked a family friendly one for this list.

After a lawsuit, some serious negotiating, and a failed marriage in London, Chu came back to Taiwan to pursue a singing and acting career.  For her outlandish and sexy history, we include the lovely Chu Mei Feng on the list of the sexiest politicians in the world at number six.

Coming in at #5 on the List of Sexy Politicians is Canadian businesswoman and former politician Belinda Stronach became somewhat of a sex symbol as she rose to national prominence.  She first got into politics by helping to mediate a deal to join the Conservative and Canadian Alliance Parties.  She next ran for, but lost, the leadership of the combined party.  She still ran for the Conservatives becoming a Member of Parliament in 2004[1].

Perhaps not content to stay in opposition , Stronach crossed the floor to prop up the reelected Liberals and was named  Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and Minister responsible for Democratic Renewal in the government of Paul Martin.  While dumping her former party, she also dumped her boyfriend Peter McKay, the handsome deputy (and former PC) Conservative leader.  There was much speculation she would run to succeed Martin as Liberal leader but Belinda decided against it, perhaps because she does not speak French well or perhaps because she expected the Liberals to lose the next election (they did). 

Stronach's beauty is enhanced by her family autoparts fortune and has resulted in comparisons to fellow billionaire Paris Hilton.

Vanity Fair linked Bill Clinton to Belinda Stronach suggesting a possible affair because of an episodic friendship and occasional dinners out. The twice-divorced billionaire auto-parts heiress and member of the Canadian Parliament is 20 years Clinton's junior, but Clinton seems to like his girls a little younger.  As least she is higher class and better looking than some of the women Clinton definitely fooled around with.

#4 is Italian Member of Parliament and Government Minister Mara Carfagna.  She has been voted the world's sexiest political figure in a number of polls - and what a figure this former showgirl and topless dancer sports!  

While her past career pursuits have generated lots of tongue wagging, in 2011 more controversy came to Carfagna when allegations that she had an affair with government turned opposition member Italo Bocchino surfaced.  Bucchino's long suffering wife said she had known of the affair for several years but that it was over.  The wife is not very forgiving though.

In an interview with the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, the aggrieved and long-suffering wife, Gabriella Buontempo, 44 was asked about the rumoured existence of compromising photos of her husband and MP Maria Carfagna said that "Italo insists that he's broken off the relationship".  However when the editor of a news website allegedly threatened to publish the photos of  the former topless model turned Government Minister and Mr Bocchino, his wife told media "I said that if they existed, he should publish them. It's not as if I didn't know that he (her husband) had that relationship."  Ouch! 

#3 on our list comes thanks to British Website [6] This website solicits votes from visitors on which British MP they would most like to sleep with.  At one point the Daily Mail reported that Liverpool Wavertree MP (Labour) Luciana Berger was "on top" as the highest rated woman MP, meaning plenty of British men (and maybe a few British women) would like to shag the sexy brunette rookie MP.  

Born in 1981, Berger is a Twitter user who spoke in support of allowing MPs to tweet in the House of Commons during a debate on 13 October 2011. If you want to try your luck hooking up, go to twitter and maybe Berger will twet back from the House of Commons.

However Berger gets edged out to by #2 finisher Caroline Flint because she recently edged out Berger to become the top most desirable female MP - and Flint knows she is really hot.  

Flint has been an MP since 1997 and served in Cabinet at one point but her serious sexyness has gotten in the way of politics. Flint resigned from Cabinet in 2009 claiming Prime Minister Gordon Brown was running a "two-tier government", and that she felt that she had been treated as "female window dressing". An article published by the Daily Mail characterised this position as in conflict with Flint's decision to pose for Observer Woman Magazine. Flint commented that her looks were a double-edged sword and that male colleagues would not be judged in the same way.  Flint renewed her attack on Gordon Brown in a newspaper article on 7 June 2009, when she told The Observer that she was not ashamed of the glamorous photo shoot which had upset Downing Street. 

#1 on our list of sexy female political figures is Yulia Tymoshenko because not only is she gorgeous but she lead 46 million people in the second largest country in Europe not just once but twice and could lead the country again. She also deserves top billing because she was stuck in jail as a political prisoner and needed all the press she could get. 

The lovely Yulia was the target of a suspected government assassination attempt that sabotaged her car early in her rise to prominence. She was co-leader of the Orange Revolution bring half a million anti-government protesters into the streets of Kiev. She is an activist and long time political leader.  

Yulia, as leader of coalition governments, was elected Ukrainian prime minister from February - September 2005 and  from December 2007 - March 2010. Most importantly she regularly tops lists of the sexiest Ukrainians in a country famous for its attractive women. All this makes Yulia possibly the sexiest world leader in history.  

Unfortunately we are unlikely to see much more of her trademark braids for a while because in October 11, 2011 a Court in Kiev sentenced Yulia Tymoshenko to seven years in prison on what many observers believe are politically motivated falsified corruption charges.  In prison and barred from running for political office during the term of her sentence she can not challenge the government very easily. She was released after the President was ousted in early 2014.

Foreign doctors visit Yulia Tymoshenko in jail - Canadian TV report

Alina Kabaeva With Ball at Aeon Cup 2004

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An Interesting Book for Political Animals

You don't need to understand Italian to enjoy watching Mara busty cams Carfagna

Which Political Woman Do You Like the Best?


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